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Discussion on: Where to Find Remote Developer Jobs 🏝️

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Riley Tomasek • Edited

Well done putting together such a comprehensive list, with well-researched pros and cons.

I recently built a new resource for finding remote work because I was frustrated with a few things:

  1. Many remote jobs require applicants to live in specific locations. Getting excited about a job and then finding out you can't apply for it sucks.
  2. Most remote job boards don't have that many jobs. Filtering by a specific profession like frontend developer often results in only a couple of recent jobs.
  3. Many of the best companies don't pay to promote their jobs because they don't have to and looking through each companies career page one at a time is tedious.

Remote Technology Jobs is what I built to address these issues:

If anyone has feedback, please let me know. We launched recently and still have a lot to learn!