Discussion on: Things I learnt from my first job as a Student Web Developer

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This article is translated on Russian and published on DTF: dtf.ru/flood/210348-veshchi-kotory...
For author of original article: Unfortunately, translate of your article receiving bad (marks of article is negative). It strange, because there how you see it receiving good. Sure, in more comments writed, that translate is not so good and i agree with it, many of errors, that they talk is true.
Probably, not so good idea been publish it on site, where programmers is lacking, but I in past publish some translations on it and it had some popularity.
So, in comments I find disagreement in article sense, not on translation or some different.
So, I translate this comments for you:
Ivan Ivanov:
Awesome necessary skills to become web-programmer: Programming and learn about GIT. Perhaps, you need be able to use computer.
Igorious (on phrase in article "COMMENT YOUR CODE!"):
Worst tip.
Until you comment your good structural code, requirements can be changed and all your work go out in void. And really good, when you after that forgot update your comment.
Well, I end my "report".