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Discussion on: My beginner’s guide to choosing a laptop for programming

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To me I go by this list:

  1. Ergonomics
  2. SSD, ram and CPU
  3. Screen size and GPU
  4. Battery life and other stuff

An SSD is a must in this day and age, but going for 1tb is nuts. Usually I have 256gb SSD and get rid of CDROM and put 1tb HDD. 16gb ram is standard for this age. For CPU I usually recommend upper tier i5 and above, depending on your usage. Screen size and GPU depend on what you do. I noticed that I have better posture on bigger screens but that might just be in my case.

Battery life is another thing and depends on how much drives you have, how big is your screen, etc.

As a developer, graphic designer, 3d designer and occasional video editor, an i7 and good GPU is a must have in my case. But since this is my job and I make money from it I don't mind spending money on something that will help me get job done quicker.

Laptop will never replace desktop PC. Big difference are performance and thermals. After only 10-15 mins of rendering video and 3d models, my CPU/GPU get to hot for little fan to cool and thermal throttling happens that drastically decrises performance. Also price and upgrades are another issue laptop flops over desktop.

Every person has its own preference/needs and it will not match my opinion. I'm just here to give some hints to others that are in dillema and have similar needs as I have.