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Rahul Khinchi
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Linux for Devops Basic Cource

Hey People,
Today I want to review a course "Linux for Devops" by Valexy Technology which you can find out on UDEMY Platform.

I took this course because I want to learn Devops from scratch and Linux is the base of learning Devops!

The Course Contain:

  1. Basic Linux Commands:

    • AWS and how to create an Ec2 Instance from AWS.
    • To run Linux on windows, use MobaXterm.
    • Linux File System Hierarchy.
  2. Managing Files:

    • Read/Write/Access command
    • Changing Directory
    • Search and Replace a word in Linux
  3. User Management:

    • Login as a User onto EC2 Instance.
    • Changing Permissions - Commands: chmod
    • Changing Ownership - Commands: chown, file.
  4. System Management:

    • Gather System Information - Commands: free, cpuinfo, uname.
  5. Software Management:

    • Installation Packages - Commands : yum [install, remove]
    • Updating and getting info about packages - Commands: yum
  6. Networking:

    • Collect Network info - Commands: hostname, ping, wget
    • Telnet
  7. Services:

    • Services - Commands: service [status, start, stop]
    • Services - commands chkconfig, systemctl
  8. Process Management:

    • Process Management - Commands: ps, fg, bg, top.
  9. Other Topics:

    • Archiving files and directories - Commands: gzip, gunzip, zip, unzip.
  10. Crontab.

  11. Softlink and Hardlink.

  12. Copy files from Windows to Linux - Commands: scp

If you are new to Linux and want to learn Devops from Scratch then I will recommend you this course as it contains all the required commands and learning which is used in Devops!


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