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Discussion on: Does your team conduct tech interviews as collaborative coding sessions? If so, what software/techniques are you using?

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Ryan Kennel 🐶

Our interviews are two part. 1) 40 minute test-driven paired programming exercise. In this round the assessor does all the typing asking the candidate questions along the way. It can be in-person or via Webex.
2) on-site paired programming exercise doing a “real” user story. During this exercise we use the same tools and follow the same xp practices we use on the job.

Zero whiteboard if exercises

Zero trick questions

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Jonathan Carter Author • Edited

So the candidate would end up getting a feel for both the projects they’d be working on, as well as the actual team practices/tools? I love that! Also, since you have a mix of coding from both the interviewer and candidate, you’d need a tool that supported bi-directional control?

Out of curiosity: does you team practice TDD and/or pair programming full-time?