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Very this. A simpler rule: just never use git push --force* except you're the one and only working on the branch and you're ready for consequences. I prefer periodical merges with master if the branch is already pushed, the history doesn't look as good as with rebase but OTOH it won't be messed up. Any usage of --force (both push and pull) can unexpectedly remove commits you don't want to be removed so just don't do it. Fortunately, it's relatively easy to restore them, read about git reflog.


That's pretty much the essence of what I wanted to say. Just wanted to point out that it is not the end of the world if you have to push with --force, you just need to know about the consequences and if it gets you into trouble.

But in general, I agree. In collaboration branches, you should not need --force in your all da work. I also prefer merging master (or an other parent branch) regularly to the topic branch and merging when ready with --squash and a proper message to remove WIP commits, but this is a topic that involves a lot of personal taste and philosophy, so discussion is difficult about this.

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