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Discussion on: 3 Git Commands I Use Every Day

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Roger Lipscombe

But having spent too much time convincing co-workers and friends to commit early, I had to make that comment.

Sure. I get that. I commit all the time, to the point that my commit comments are generally just things like safsahghhfdddd, and might only be a line or two.

Once I'm starting to be happy with my branch, I go back with git rebase -i (using edit and git reset HEAD~) and git add -p to split the changes into sensible pieces.

Then I reorder the commits and squash/fixup as relevant so that my PR forms a coherent "story".

I frequently find myself pulling smaller refactorings to the start of the branch, so that they can be cherry-picked into master separately from the other changes. This allows other team members to start using those changes immediately, and reduces the number of conflicts.