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Discussion on: Deploy Your Django + React.js app to Heroku

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Ryuichi Miyazaki • Edited on

So I discovered that we needed to update the .wsgi file which I found in the source code but clearly not a part of the tutorial. I think it would be helpful to add that section after the testing of the app if it works locally.

Sorry, so when I ran the deployment when I did this I did not realize my partner had changed it.
The original settings should work.

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Joe Szaf

Ran into the same problem.

It was fixed when I actually committed my work before pushing to master.

Specifically, I ran the following before "$ git push heroku master" :

git add .
git commit -m "initial commit"

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Lukas Gerhardt

Hey Ryuichi,
I ran into the same error you were having. Can you please share what fixed the problems with the python buildpack in the file?

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Shakib Hossain Author

Sorry for the late reply. Can you share with me what modifications you had to make to the file? In my case I didn't have to modify it, that's why I did not include it in the tutorial.

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Ryuichi Miyazaki

Sorry for the late reply.
I had finished the project and then COVID happened.

I looked back and actually the default settings were correct.
My partner had changed it without telling me...