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Discussion on: There is no ‘wrong’ way to develop software | Amoenus Dev

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There are definitely wrong ways to develop code. Maybe there are different ways to do things right and the right way depends much on the business... But..

In every object oriented language SOLID is important. In functional languages Single Responsibility, open closed and Dependency Inversion are still important. SOLID principles enable
you for unit testing.
If you really have 1 Millions lines of code, you should organize your code. Microservices or self contained systems are one way, but brings more complexity to your stack. So here are different ways.
There are much code smells (see Martin Fowler Refactoring) easy to detect, easy to remove.

Honestly, there are a lot of wrong ways. But there are good ways. And it's much easier to change from a good way to another good way, then from a bad way to a good one.