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Discussion on: What's your coding origin story?

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When I was in 7th grade we were all into an online FPS called WarRock that had a shit ton of hackers in it. One night I was specially pissed at the amount of cheaters we had encountered so I decided to do some digging and ended up finding cheats for myself. After trying it out, getting a few accounts banned and generally becoming what I once despised, I started getting curious on how people did that stuff. So I did some more searches, installed a few things (vírus most likely) and after getting a very basic grasp on VB6,I made my own hacking tool. Took a few weeks but after getting it to work I actually managed to keep it updated throughout game updates (the pointers would change on each update) and distributed it online for free (and it had a shit ton of hacks that people used to pay for!). It was a fun year. Now I dont do those tools anymore but I still hold that beginning very dearly in my mind.

I get paid to make sure people like my 7th grade me dont hack our shit.

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Rob Kendal {{☕}} Author

Haha I love this story. Lie the dark side of coding turned good 😎