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Discussion on: I Read 21 Articles About How to Become a Senior Developer So You Don't Have To

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I don't think title "Senior Software Engineer" exists anymore. With Tech stacks changing roughly every two or three years as well as development methodologies, there is no way to be "senior" in the field. Back when developers worked their whole careers in the same language and development process, the word "senior" in a title really meant something, but in today's fast changing technology landscape, someone who graduated three years ago and has been working for three years, will be more "senior" in those technologies than someone using another technology for 10 years. Today the most important thing is a developers current tech skill set. If you want to get "senior" pay, then you need to follow the most in demand tech stacks. These are the areas that will have a shortage of developers, driving the salaries up.

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Sam Borick Author

I think the sentiment behind this is partially true, but not all the way. Being a developer isn't only about producing high-quality code, a big part of it is mentoring others. As someone on twitter said the other day, the most important product of a senior developer is more senior developers. Being able to mentor others is as important as churning out code.

Additionally, expertise in one framework definitely does provide some additional experience in others. When you're good at any programming language, you will be better at another than a novice.

Saying that there is no such thing as senior developers invalidate the skills that those people have.