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Discussion on: How to stop relying on the mouse

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Robert Johnson • Edited on

For getting better at touch typing I can recommend It's free to try, the limitation being there are a only a relatively small set of "lessons" begin with. It costs $10 a month to upgrade to being able to upload source code in order to create new lessons.

This cost does feel rather cheeky because it doesn't include any more built-in lessons, so you have to trawl through Github yourself to find some decent files to upload. However I've carried on using it over the past 12 months because all other online typing trainers I've found are focused on typing natural language rather than code, whereas this makes sure you practice those awkward to type yet common characters like parens and braces.

Once you've got better at touch typing you'll start to hate needing to move your hands away from the home row, at which point I recommend you start learning Vim - there's simply no other style of editing that is better at keeping your fingers on those home keys. No need to move over to Vim itself as your editor though, you can download a VSCode plugin for that. There's no need to feel intimidated by Vim though, the Vim learning curve is a myth.

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Jens Genberg Author

Thank you! I will definitely check out And anything that plugs into VSCode is a plus.