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The problem is that too few companies are actively seeking CF developers anymore, UNLESS it's to help switch to a new platform. When saying it's a dying platform, it's because that too few companies employ CF devs anymore. Both of the job offers I'm currently entertaining both plan to re-platform away from CF in the next 2-3 years. And of probably eight of the last ten places I applied to were headed in the same direction.

I love ColdFusion; I've been doing it since 1996. It's a wonderful language. But between Adobe's ridiculous licensing prices and the lack of developers, it's not going to get anymore popular.


Adobe's pricing is kinda ridiculous for anyone except enterprise companies. I don't know why anyone would use ACF at this point over Lucee for standard web apps, it just doesn't compare.

The developers thing is a problem, but it's not hard to train new devs in CFML so I'm told. I'm hoping to make that even easier in the future.


Yeah training them is easy; I've trained several of them myself. Convincing them that it's worth it to them to be trained is another story. The company I just left -- we spent two years trying to find CF devs and there was nobody applying. So we said okay fine, ANY dev will do and we'll teach you CF. Nobody was interested. There is a huge "fake news" style of negative press surrounding CF that needs to be handled before this will turn around. Remember the adage -- if you tell a lie enough times, it becomes the truth.

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