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Robin Alex Panicker
Robin Alex Panicker

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Capturing bugs in iOS apps is lot more easier now

iOS developers out there, here is something that might be of interest to you. Finotes is moving closer to Zero code starting next release.

One major change is that capture of lifecycle events will happen without any code change.

Alt Text

Alt Text

There will be no need to import FinotesCore or extend ObservableViewController to report lifecycle event trail in #bug reports .

More to come. Watch this space.

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Fernando Martín Ortiz

How did you do this? 👀

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Robin Alex Panicker Author

Hi @fmo91 , The release is out. Here is a blog post on the release.

Do give a try. Visit to get started.

Would love to hear your feedback.

BTW it will be great if we are allowed to give you a demo (15 mts demo + 15 mts conversation = 30 mts call), if you are interested to know the capabilities of Finotes. We are eager to listen to your thoughts and suggestions.

Let me know.