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In high school I was in programming club. I was fascinated by computers and code. But my family wanted me to be either a preacher or a doctor, depending on who you asked.

I went to college in 1999 majoring in Theater, no wait I mean Neuroscience for 3 years... But wait, English... Yeah English is what I graduated with. Then I was just lost for a few years after school. Working small jobs, etc.

Then I landed a job at a major insurance company. I did well, and my programming skills and love of programming came back with a vengeance. I was automating all the things everywhere that I could. Pretty soon I got in trouble for that, turns out big companies don't enjoy what they call 'shadow IT'. However they did like what the results of my work, so they gave me a sandbox and I kept working.
It wasn't long after that I officially moved to a dev role. I had to learn .NET which was a great investment. Now I'm in web dev and this is the career I want.

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