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Discussion on: Can React state management get any simpler than this?

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robvirtuoso • Edited on

I thought it prudent to repost here what I wrote in response to another conversation with you elsewhere... so that I may be completely fair to you. I do appreciate the effort you put into your library and for maintaining a good demeanor despite criticism.

---- Repost starting from here ---

I'm not trying to antagonize you. I just hate the idea that independent open source contributors like you will get a bad reputation due to their posts like this. I find publishing open source libs a noble thing to do, especially for people who don't earn a dime from it. You seem like you belong to this category, so I appreciate your efforts. I actually help promote work of libs that I personally use, as a way of giving back to the author/maintainer. If your posts triggered a bad reaction from me, it may happen with others too. So again I wouldn't wish you that misfortune.

You may not be asking for advice from me, but if it was me I would not want people thinking that I'm doing this to compete with the big guys (Redux, Recoil, etc.) which are backed by a big corporation and fanboys... And nor would I ever say that my lib is superior to another , popular or new one.... open source is not a popularity contest after all. As long as a number of people actually use your library, i.e. it is helping some folks out there, it means you already are doing a good job.