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Discussion on: Good Programmer vs Average Programmer - and, Why Asking questions and Paying attention to Details matters.

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This is a pretty good approach, I agree that good developers are good at spotting holes in the requirements and asking questions, but this takes experience too (technical and life experience) , I don't think people are born with any specific skill.

For a fair process I'd apply the method you described as long as I made it clear to the candidate that I expect something around those lines from them. For example presenting the task and telling them "do you need any clarifications before you proceed? Take 5 minutes to think about it and get back to me if you need more details about the requirement". Otherwise it's like putting the candidate to play a game in which they don't know the rules.

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javinpaul Author

Thanks @rodbv , definitely we need to be careful while taking any advice as they don't apply in all the scenarios. If you ask this question to two graduates you don't find much difference but if you ask this to two senior developers, you will find a lot of difference. Also, giving hints is a fair way and shows that you are there to select and not looking for a reason to not-select the candidate.