Discussion on: Get daily earthquake data from the USGS using Go

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Rodion Gorkovenko

Hi Christopher! Thanks for such detailed response :)

I too feel positive about Go - mainly due to its brief syntax and rich concurrency features. Can't remember other language which has messages "out of the box" besides Erlang, but it is too ancient.

Your example is quite valuable to me to learn :) so I took such a challenge - to rewrite it in scripting language as a demo of how we do this without explicit structs - and then retry doing the same in Go.

The first part is ready. Now I'll go googling for Go way to achieve similar :)

using the magnitude data to construct audio wavetables

Yep, I understand. For scientific reasons Python still may be better as it has tons of useful math/analytical libraries ready. But with Go you of course will have several times better performance (perhaps, 20 times if we mean general python interpreter)... So there are good reasons for Go of course, especially if the bulk of data is huge :)