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re: Hi, so far I have x - 92.740 y - 4.562.603 Have a nice weekend Michael

Michael, Hi!

Thanks for try! Judging by "so far" it seems you also use straightforward implementation which becomes a bit slower as the values grew :)

Good luck!


Hi Rodion,

yes, I started with a default-Fibonacci, and that take a lot of time ;O)

With a little optimization (using only the necessary decimal places), the last value can be found within minutes.

b: 54212345 idx 155
b: 77255555 idx 92740
b: 67770777 idx 4562603
b: 20200123 idx 145555264

So I found z - 145.555.264

Is that correct?

Hi Michael!

At least my results are exactly the same! So I believe you are right and this is correct :)

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