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Hi Friend! Sorry for I'm bit short on time right now to read and comment your message in complete - it's 23:17 here and I'm still to walk the dog :) But about Golang - yes, I do have opinion!

I just recently started looking at it myself. Learning it is much easier than Scala - and still it provides more interesting features - threads and messages out of the box. And very curious typesystem. It concentrates on offering simple syntax so you'll spent much less time to learn it to decent level.

I recently tried my first test-project for some open position - never heard back, but I'm pretty satisfied with my efforts.

If you look at tiobe index, you'll see Golang is soaring to 11 from 18 during last year. Scala is not even in top-20. And I think Scala has dark times ahead as they are struggling to push 3rd version.

So while I can't say Golang is ideal (it has features I dislike - and its standard library is somewhat messy) - but I think I want to switch to it from Java / Bigdata myself. Perhaps I'll succeed this year.


Thanks for the response man. You sound like me, working until I get too tired then sleeping for a short time, then starting all over. I sleep like 6 hours or less a day, too much to learn. LOL

Yeah. I liked the idea of big data too and since I am building a social app it sounded nice to have native clients to things like Spark. In the end there are other ways. The Scala 3 thing is what is going to hurt it most if not kill it. Plus it is JVM and doing microservices with it requires big $$$ Where it looks like Golang was made just for microservices from what I have read.

Also I think I will go with a modular monolith so it will be easy to break it out into microservices when the time comes. I have to investigate Golang and it's libraries/frameworks and how it works. That is todays challenge.


Now I am getting followers by using hashtags. I tried it one tweet and got like 5 more followers. LOL This twitter thing, why did I avoid it so long? Oh yeah I am an introvert with anxiety disorder.

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