Detecting DEV peak hours via API (bash study)

Rodion Gorkovenko on February 15, 2020

It may be interesting, when there are more people reading DEV - for example, perfect timing is important for those who is obsessed with idea to get... [Read Full]
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As I couldn't use:

curl https://dev.to/api/articles/ | grep -oP '(?<=\"id\"\:)\d+' | head -n 1

as -P doesn't work in macOS I replaced it with the utility I use to pretty print JSON, jq:

> curl https://dev.to/api/articles | jq '.[0].id'

or even better, as we don't need the entire page:

> total=$(curl "https://dev.to/api/articles?per_page=1" | jq '.[0].id')
> echo $total

this doesn't work in macOS either:

curl https://dev.to/api/articles/246755 | sed -r 's/.*created_at\"\:\".{11}(..).*/\1/'

I replaced it with:

> curl https://dev.to/api/articles/246755 | jq '.created_at' | sed 's/^.*T\(.*\)\:.*\:.*/\1/'

or even better:

> curl https://dev.to/api/articles/246755 | jq '.created_at[11:13]' | sed 's/"//g'

jq is truly awesome :D stedolan.github.io/jq/manual/


Wow. I motivated to build app that get random posts from Dev.

I see in docs.dev.to/api/#operation/getArti..., JSON only get 30 posts. Can I reach more than 30?


Hi, I think yes, though it is not documented. Source code contains per_page parameter which governs amount of articles in the response.

For example:


However, probably it is not good idea to load very large responses (don't know if there is limit). Rather use page parameter to send several requests to different pages. E.g.



Then, how to get 10 posts from Dev randomly? 😂

Oh. I got idea:

  • Get number of total posts (eg: 1000)
  • Get 10 number randomly from 0 to 1000

Yep. Good idea! Just exactly what is described in this article above :)

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