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Discussion on: How To Find SaaS Ideas: Step-by-Step Methods for Finding and Validating SaaS Ideas

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Rodolfo Silva

Great article. Thanks for this amazing content.

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Tom Zaragoza Author

My absolute pleasure! Anything I can help with / answer / clarify? Thanks again, Rodolfo!

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Rodolfo Silva • Edited on

Yes, how do you get in contact with your first leads? Social media, email, friends ... It's very easy for me to create software, but selling there is very difficult. Do you have any help selling the product? I think to test the product you will need to produce a lot of marketing content. Do you have a designer partner or advertising partner to help with this?

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Tom Zaragoza Author • Edited on

What I found to work is to look for places on the internet where people are searching for the solution you want to provide, and answering their questions there. Places like forums (you can use this forum search tool to find where people are asking questions on forums), Quora could be a good start. But, for the most part, social media like Twitter and FB are a bit tough because the mentality there is to hang out and to socialize. People aren't primarily looking for solutions to their problems on those platforms. You need to use something like Google or YouTube, where people are searching directly for solutions to their problems and cater your marketing efforts to this behaviour (searching for solutions).

You are right that one way to get your leads and to test your product is to create marketing content.

The best part is you don't need a designer or advertising partner to help with this. All you really have to do is, similar to how developers write blog posts on how to do X with Django, you can write blog posts on how to do what your software solution does.

For example, if you're trying to promote video conversion software, write blog posts on how to convert your webm videos into mov. Or even how to do certain things in video editing software.

The goal here is to be as helpful as you can, and to write as many "How To" type blog posts / articles around the software solution you are providing. There's no need to get super fancy with designs, simple blog posts on your website's subdirectory (such as what I did for my site, will be more than enough.

For making this type of content, refer to, particularly Step 2, where you map out all the W questions around your product that you can discover and write about.

After you've created content for what your potential customer / user is searching for, you can use social media as an amplifier for your content where you can promote it and initially start getting it in front of people.

One last thing, this is all predicated on if you have a a validated problem that people want solved :)

I'd love to continue this conversation on Twitter DM - I want to help out how I can :) I followed you there!