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Discussion on: Hello from the other side

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Roelof Jan Elsinga

There is a great writer who said that you shouldn't not do something solely based on what you've previously done. Which could help you here, because you're fighting with this issue that you'll never write a better article than you already have.

Well what if you forget about the past? Would writing that article make you happy? Would you learn something from writing that article? Would you gain something from it? If you can answer any of these with "yes", you have a great article in the making!

You mention you feel pressure from all these followers reading your posts. The steps you're taking now: no followers at all, starting over. It's a great idea! You should write for yourself. You should get something out of your posts. If you keep that mindset, you will never feel the pressure again (in the same extend). You write for yourself and the nice side effect is that others might benefit from it as well, but you're the most important one.

Any way, welcome to the community! I'm looking forward to reading your posts. Don't be too tough on yourself, take care of yourself!

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Joseph Matthias Goh Author

Thanks Roelof! That means a lot(: