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Discussion on: Let's talk about Linux

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Roelof Jan Elsinga

If you have an Nvidia graphics card, you could try Pop OS. It comes with a lot of software installed already, including a lot of drivers. If you download the version for Nvidia users, everything will be set up for you.
Pop OS download options

Another very polished distro is Elementary OS. I have it installed on a Nvidia system for a very non-technical person and it works really well.

Then you have Zorin OS, which is really great for people that want to use it as a desktop and never want to touch the terminal (but you could of course).

And lastly, there's Manjaro. Apparently the drivers are really good and it's very smooth. The only thing that's a little scary for me to recommend it is that it's based on Arch, so it gives you a lot of control. I can use it perfectly fine as a more advanced user, but someone I recommended it to didn't really understand it. So try the other three first and this one last.

I hope this helps!