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You can contribute themes for Everest, a REST client that I'm building. All you need is CSS!

I'm planning to ship the best ones with the next release of Everest!

You can find more details here: Build a theme for Everest with just CSS!

RohitAwate / Everest

A beautiful, cross-platform REST client.


Everest (formerly RESTaurant) is an upcoming REST API testing client written in JavaFX.

home Everest running on Windows 10.

Why Everest?

  • Everest is written in Java. Thus, it is significantly lighter on resources and more responsive than its Electron-based alternatives like Postman. It aims to provide the same level of functionality in a lighter, native but equally slick package.

  • Aesthetic is very important. With a gorgeous, flat design, Everest is a pleasure to look at and to work with. It is also entirely theme-able.

    I want you to want to use it!

  • Being a Java application, Everest is inherently cross-platform. It will run anywhere there's a JVM.

  • Everest will offer cloud synchronization of your projects powered by Summit. It will be available as a cloud service early next year or you may also choose to self-host it.

Live Features 🔥

All of the most common

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