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React project one must do!

When I started learning reactjs I wasn't having any idea. Then I thought that many of you may not any ideas as beginner react developers. So these are the projects I would recommend doing

1. Todo todo todo!

Todo is the most best idea to learn any programming language! SO the same is for react! Try to make a web app with same components with an input component and a storing component.

2. Weather of the world

Yes try using some cool apis from the net and watch this Youtube video for more detail.

3. Tic Tac react?

Try to make a tic tac toe game using react! try to make it with

one component to handle the game
one to tell the winner And all setup to play!

4. The time is?

Time is hard to handle but with react make a world time clock! and yes some more apis.

last but not least(stop for a drum roll) twitter!

Yes! Twitter build a simple web app like twitter. Don't have to add database(It's only front-end not back-end!). With this you are all set to dive into react and within a mouth(maybe a bet more longer) you are a react developer!!

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