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Discussion on: πŸ’œ Personal Branding - For Your Career πŸ’Ό

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Rohov Dmytro • Edited

Oh, yeah! Such a cool post.

I would add that personal brand should NOT reflect, it MUST be a projection of you (to stay saint). It's a small wording game, but I want it to leave here.

I've used these corona-times to strengthen my vision. I want my brand to be connected with the value of authenticity, awareness & mindfulness. Then go practical using those value for a perspective.

Also, it is extremely calming to define your personal brand, because it is an indicator of having a direction, focus and settled priorities. Which can give you quality over time because you have defined the main direction your personal brand represents.

Check out my website, I've change the design to reflect MY brand! I am happy with it!

Also I would took my opportunity to join my group where I would share practical side of being mindful (productivity, health, focus, etc):
FB Group


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Niall Maher Author

Agreed totally! This is awesome that you have a group too just for this. πŸ’œ I'll have to join. 😁

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Rohov Dmytro

Let's join! I've schedule cool stuff to post there.

The first post would be about creating personal slogans and how to navigate your mental state and productivity via them.