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Discussion on: What is the best .zshrc config you have seen?

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Roman Perepelitsa

The project says it's a drop-in replacement for powerlevel9k

Not quite. Here's what it says:

Powerlevel10k can be used as a fast drop-in replacement for Powerlevel9k.

  • Fast: Powerlevel10k is over 10 times faster than powerlevel9k when using the same configuration options.
  • Can be used as a drop-in replacement rater than is a drop-in replacement: Powerlevel10k has many extra features not found in Powerlevel9k.

[powerlevel9k is] still active as far as I know

I guess this depends on one's point of view. Commit activity graph shows last commit in March.

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Cool. Thanks for the quick reply and insight on the differences between the two projects.
I'm quite a sucker for 'fast' and lightweight, so now I'm going to have to try it.