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Discussion on: Why I moved my website to react gatsby contentful and netlify.

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Ronan Connolly 🛠

I was looking for an overview of using React, GatsbyJS, Contentful, Github, and Netlify.
I got was I was looking for.
I'm excited to give this stack a go!
I'm curious though, why did you choose Contentful instead of say Netlify CMS or another alternative?

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Hao Dong

I actually wrote a similar blog post about switching to this stack ( I've changed my stack quite a few times in the past few years (Ghost blog, Hexo, Hugo, Github Pages and now Gatsby), then I settled on this stack.

The biggest reason for not picking Netlify CMS (which is still an awesome tool) imo is the lack of features. It offered very few customisations e.g. didn't even have a "draft" and "published" status for the blog post so anything you write you have to publish. Of course, this was when I tried it out a few months back maybe it is different now. With Contentful, there are tones of customisations: extensions, dynamic forms fields and etc. I also love the fact you can query Contentful through graphql.

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Abdifatah Samiir

but in contentful every time you make some change you should build your site manually and that is why i choose netlify cms instead contentful

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Hao Dong

Why do you need to build manually? With web-hooks each time you publish on Contentful, it will trigger a build automatically on Netlify.

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