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Developed a new website for Blinds and Insect screens

A new website has been developed for Blinds and Insect screens company. I am inviting my friends here to have a review on this. Expecting recommendation on Design, aesthetics, codes etc. Website address is Matts Corner here to take a look at and add your review.
This website is comprised of different types of blinds and insect screens for users to take a look and shop. They provide retail and wholesale commerce. Good quality images of insect screens and blinds are added to make the user experience level a little bit satisfactory.

They provide blinds like Monsoon Balcony Blinds, Wooden Venetian Blinds, Printed Roller Fabric Blinds, Exterior and Interior PVC Blinds etc. Also offering different types of insect screens and mosquito screens including Barrier Free retractable, Plisee system, Vertical retractable system, Hinged openable insect screens, Fixed window, and openable window insect screens.

Please give me a feedback on the font used and the images we used and the layout also. Inviting you to give me a quick tip on the pagespeed and load time also. The drop down menu comprises of all the blinds and insect screen categories. The home page also added all the navigation options to explore to insect screens and blinds. The color used also inviting your recommendation, the contact forma and the footer.

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