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My only note on the resume is try to keep it one page, if possible and make a longer, more detailed LinkedIn or personal webpage. I have talked to many recuirters and interviewers who say they don’t want to look at more than one page and who recommend keeping it short. I know tailor my resume to one page and keep it specific to what I am applying for and then have a very detailed, lengthy LinkedIn that someone can explore more if they so desire. Just my experience. 😄


Hey, thanks for reading and leaving your feedback☺️.

I was tempted to write just 1 page however, mine spanned 1 page and a half, meaning some stuff did end up on the 'back' of my CV. This didn't stop me from receiving offers and such.

I think for students who may lack a wealth of experience, it's not the worst thing in the world to detail what they do have experience in, such as through their academia.

However you are totally correct in generally keeping it to 1 page length! I know recruiters receive a ton of these things regularly. I just didn't want to explicitly state it like that when mine wasn't exactly 1 page😂.

Again, thank you for your feedback on your experience Rose! 😊🙏🏽


You’re welcome! I have had some recruiters and other be mean about resumes being over 1 page. I can understand why they don’t want to have to read over 1 or 2 pages but sometimes it is hard to put everything down to 1 page in a neat fashion with enough detail. I started using Latex to make my resumes so I have more fine tuned control over specific elements. 😄

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