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Rotimi Olatunbosun
Rotimi Olatunbosun

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Hey, I am new to React and its ecosystem!

I started learning React some months ago and I have gotten its basics. However, I feel I need a mentor whom I can learn from and who can direct me on the steps to take in building a career in web development

I am hoping someone would volunteer to be my mentor

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Mike Bifulco • Edited

Hi Rotimi!

Feel free to drop me a line if you need help. I also studied Mechanical Engineering in school (alongside my Computer Science degree), so we've got a fair bit in common, it seems.

There's also some great resources for you in Lagos. Be sure to check out eventbrite and meetup for react and software related events that might interest you. There's also the fantastic Concatenate conference in the fall, which you might want to look into attending!

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Rotimi Olatunbosun

Thanks Mike for the recommendations. I will reach out to you if I have any questions