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Discussion on: What's your favorite editor/terminal color scheme?

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Ryan Palo

I love An Old Hope! I've either found ports or ported it to pretty much everything I use: Hyper term, iTerm2, VS Code, Vim, etc.

JesseLeite / an-old-hope-syntax-atom

⚛️ Atom theme inspired by a galaxy far far away...

An Old Hope

Atom theme inspired by a galaxy far far away...


By Jesse Leite

UI Integration

This theme best integrates with Atom's One Dark UI. By default, UI is left untouched. If you want the modified UI (as shown in the screenshot below) for better colour matching between UI syntax theme, add the following line to your Init Script and reload Atom.




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Charlotte Trible

I use that one too! I hadn't considered porting it over, but now I'll have to look into getting it into RubyMine cause I prefer it over what I'm using there (Monokai).