Getting Things Done - A Programmer Productivity Guide

Ryan Palo on February 20, 2018

This article was originally posted on The Simple Programmer. Images and links are courtesy of their team. I got to work with a team of really ama... [Read Full]
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I'd add that it's most important that you have 2-3 hours of 0 interaction with the outside world and full attention to your project. Set up notifications that only critical things might get to you and allow yourself time to focus.


This hits me in the feels. As a stare at double monitors full of open apps, I am foreseeing how my productivity will improve by as early as tomorrow as i start to use trello. Thanks so much for publishing!


Nice. I've been using Trello for the same purpose for some time now.

I handle emails by using the "Send to Trello" bookmarklet to create cards for any emails I need to spend some time on later. Then I archive the email out of my inbox (so that the direct link to the email still works).

My only problem is not grooming my Trello boards enough. They're somewhat organized, but I've heard it's good to go through these GTD-style lists as often as needed, in order to decide what's most important and what to do next.


Yep. It's the same with Bullet Journaling, where you try to frequently go through your to-do items and cancel/remove anything that isn't important enough to spend time on and shuffle tasks forward as priorities change.


love this 20,000 leagues under the code state.
I use Google Keep to store my half brain which i can update with my mobile.

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