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Discussion on: Deciding a database architecture for a Social Networking use-case?

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Raunak Ramakrishnan • Edited

Just came across this post right now. What did you end up using finally?

I used Arango at my previous workplace to build a "Suggested Friends" feature. Graph queries are a pleasure to write using Arango's Query Language. The database was very performant for our user base of 1 million with around 400 edges per user. We were able to run it on a single instance with 8 GB RAM. It out-performed our previous Postgres-based solution by almost 15 times and reduced a huge Redis instance which we had needed for caching results.

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Priyansh Jain Author

Woah. Nice. I ended up with using Postgres and graphql, although I'm not working on the project anymore. The consultant was hell bent on using a cloud managed database such as RDS, and we had to use postgres.

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Adrian B.G.

That is a shame, the devs will have a hard time scaling and querying 4+ deep relationships.

I was in the opposite situation a few months back, as a consultant I recommended a Graph database for a similar project and they ended up using a SQL.