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Discussion on: Time to stop using REST...

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Vitaly Rtishchev

Time to stop using REST...
Well, that's some loud words, let's just forget about fancy rules that rest requires and think of it as GET/POST/PUT/DELETE requests for simplicity.

You can send these requests from anywhere (web app, server, mobile application, cli) without any special tools (graphql clients). Sure you can send the graphql request without a client also but it will create a real mess in your code, so in 99% you are stuck with graphql client which in case of web applications brings some weight to the bundle.

In terms of server setup – graphql is pretty demanding – you need to setup at least some boilerplate, create schema and manage resolvers. This does not worth your time if you build a small application and need just several simple crud endpoints.

Also do not forget that you need to be careful with how your graphql data is resolved with recursive elements, e.g. { author { comments { author { comments { ... } } } } }.

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Exactly. And I'm really really worried about exposing data structures, and in the case you allow writing back to database: authorization and authentication. It looks like there are solutions out there but none seem ideal at the moment. The overhead of graphql server should not be overlooked as well. It's one more piece of the puzzle you have to handle.