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Agree with everything except one little problem.. "you can make it look nice later".. While I understand what you are saying but most new people somehow interpret it very wrongly. My team has two relatively junior devs and before I joined them they were busy focused on server side code. They assumed having a reference to bootstrap in site some how magically will fix all the bad ui decisions they were taking. Its not that simple. You can make it look nice provided you followed basic principles of the technology /framework. For e.g instead of using the grid layout they were still styling the forms with table tags.

Also, probably obvious but please read the documentation of the tool/framework you choose. It really helps everybody.


You're right. The new people in your team really did interpret "you can make it look nice later" wrong. They should've used div tags and style it up with CSS later to make it look nice.

I hope someone in your team failed them on the client-side code they were making so they could fix it up; they probably didn't know using table tags for forms is bad UI. That's a learning moment for them as junior developers.

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