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Discussion on: Self-taught devs: what's keeping you from landing your first job?

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Rudy A. Hernandez • Edited

If I knew the answer to that I'd have experienced a first job, but definitely along the lines of what you mentioned. The side effects of Impostor syndrome are very real as I pour over the requirements in job postings. It leads to doubt, lack in confidence, and eventually lack of motivation to push through; a self-fulfilling prophecy that I've cycled through for years now.

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Tell me more... I note on your profile here you're an "Aspiring Java developer" with some educational background.

I just so happen to be hiring Java developers (though, I'm in the UK, not the US).

I might not be able to hire you, but if I can give you insights into the mind of a hiring manager... I'm game if you are...

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Rudy A. Hernandez

Most definitely game Dave, thank you.