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Take a look at Plant. It's a WebAPI based framework. And it seems like it's the only which supports HTTP/2 pushes. It's transport agnostic what means you can deliver requests via HTTP(S), WebSocket, WebRTC, etc. Also it works in browser without compilation/browserification due to its' WebAPI compatibility and transport agnosticism, though you can develop your server using text editor and DevTools for debugging.

I wrote it and ready to answer questions.

P.S. You place too much advertisement into the post. It's too unfriendly to the readers.


Seems like an amazing framework, I’ll try it :)


Do you know how does it compare performance wise versus Fastify? Having a benchmark would be nice. (My use case does benefit from performance, so I'm choosing between frameworks mainly on performance + availability of extra plugins and DevEx)


On hello world test its' performance was about express'. But on my machine koa was always behind express and on fastify's benchmarks it's not. Need a verification.

Super high performance has never been the main goal of the current development iteration, I've just been holding it on acceptable level before API became stable. Currently I'm working on improvement which should make Plant faster than others with extra deep optimizations, but it's a piece of work. Not sure if it will be done very soon.

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