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Discussion on: I failed an interview because of an algorithm

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Russ Freeman 🇪🇺 #FBPE

Raul, I really feel for you!

These multi-part interviews are frankly awful and put people through a lot of anxiety. The point when I'm the least creative (in coming up with a solution) is when I'm stressed!

I think there should be more emphasis on working out if you are a problem solver, good at finding the right information, etc. For my current job, I was given a project to go and solve. It got me the job. There is no question if I wrote it - only I knew why I implemented it that way ;)

After 3 decades in software development, I've learnt to chill a bit and remind myself that companies are lucky to have me (and you!). Oh and it's 23:00 and I still on my computer :).