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Discussion on: Announcing npm7

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Ruy Adorno Author

Personally, I think very highly of pnpm and Yarn (and their respective maintainers) as I think they brought up (and still do) a lot of innovation to JS package managers - that said, we are often going to be looking at what they are bringing to the table as a source of inspiration rather than reproducing their solution to a specific problem.

I believe when you say "if there are plans to build something similar?" you are referring to their "non-flat node_modules" structure 🤔 but regardless the answer is the same: npm has its own way of doing things and solving the dependency management problem and while we'll be inspired by the work of other package managers we won't necessarily change our system to simply replicate a different one.

Now if any major changes (such as implementing a symlink-based non-flat node_modules folder) were to be implemented, the place to keep an eye is the npm RFCs repo where we have discussions with the community on how to change the cli for the better 😊

Sorry this turned into a long answer but it was a good question that I felt like needed a more elaborate response 😄 Thanks and all the best!

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Syed Faraaz Ahmad

I was more referring to how pnpm uses symlinks to reduce disk and network usage (and install times!). Could be a very big benefit in developing countries where everyone isn't on a Mac.

Great answer though! I prefer the long answers, shows you're really excited

Keep up the great work!