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re: I remember in high school when many test questions would ask for the answer and an explanation of that answer. The idea is that if you only have an...

In your analogy, does the solver think thru the solution and then write the solution+explanation? Or does the solver think thru the solution while writing the solution+explanation? I think it is the former, and that is the crux of my post (not " let's do away with explanation").


I did not mean to imply the two processes are the same - they couldn't be since one is a written piece and the other is an in-person meeting. I wasn't even defending the use of the use of thinking out loud.

All I meant to say was that I think you're missing an important part of why people want you to "think out loud".

"Thinking out loud" means "to verbalize one's thoughts", and I am open to explanations about how such verbalization can be useful in a technical interview.

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