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Discussion on: Multi-env Next.js app with AWS Amplify & Serverless

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Richard Waller

Thanks for this article! I'm new to Next.js, Amplify and Serverless. I read that the aws-amplify-serverless-plugin lets you use Serverless to set up Amplify backends (

Do you think a serverless.yml could set up a Next.js app with the Serverless Next.js plugin, and a Amplify backend with the Serverless Amplify plugin, and they could talk to each other? What would be the difference between that and your custom solution?

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Aaron Garvey Author

Hey Richard, so I think the main difference between these approaches is a choice between having the amplify CI/CD tools manage the deployment of he backend and front end together, or having serverless framework deploy the backend and front end together, or in my case - having amplify CI/CD deploy the backend upon any commits pushed to my dev and master branches and then triggering the serverless framework to deploy the front end with each build.

I can’t see any reason why you couldn’t setup a serverless template as you’ve described. If you put the right pieces together you would still have your aws amplify resources deployed alongside your front end resources - it would all just be managed by the serverless deployment tools.

I think which way you chose to approach this depends on what tools your most comfortable with, and what stage your project is at. In my case, I leverage a number of tools from AWS Amplify CI/CD pipeline, and was migrating a site that was previously only static pages, and aws amplify was previously deploying everything for me. So it was easier for me to extend the amplify CI/CD build instructions to trigger a serverless front end deployment. But if you already have a NextJS deployment running on serverless framework and want to add on some aws resources at a later stage, then perhaps using the amplify serverless template is better?

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