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Discussion on: I Burnt Out — Forcing Myself to Work at 100% All the Time

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Ryan Els

What keeps me motivated is having a pet project that I want to succeed. I already made the project in vanilla javscript using es modules and the newer css module scripts. But now I and rewriting it in Next so I need to brush-up on React. The skills I am learning and developing make me job ready. But more importantly, I am making something that is important to me and something that doesn't exist. I can't download the app or check out the website because what I am making is completely unique and it doesn't exist out there. It exists on my computer though. I have made it. But it only works on Chrome 93+ without bundling or compiling. So that is why I am re-writing it with React and Next. Next because of the image optimization and SSR. Because my project uses over a 100 images so that is a big factor. So basically all I am saying is that if you have an app idea or project that matters to you it will keep you focused and give you direction. Both in what to learn and in developing a grounded programming methodology. The project must be challenging and slightly beyond your skill set so it forces you to grow and learn and stay motivated.