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Thank you for this excellent article - love this feature of GitHub, and seeing all the creative things people are doing. Especially pumped to see the visitor counter making a come back :D

If anyone wants to add the retro counter to their profile (like @sagar-viradiya's profile) you can add it like this.
![Visitor Count](https://profile-counter.glitch.me/{YOUR USER}/count.svg)

Slightly more expanded version of these instructions are available here :D

For anyone that's interested in making their own visitor counter, check out this guide I wrote on creating (or forking the GlitchApp) to make your own visitor counter. 🚀 The main gist of this one is you run a node+Express app (although it could be a serverless function, other language/framework, etc) that responds to an svg request with the next count. The headers should alert GitHub's caching layer to re-request the image every time.


Thanks for the information! Was looking for this. 😊

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