re: We'll be adding more design and moderation clarity to tags like #help, #discuss, etc. We're also introducing a new badge! VIEW POST


My main gripe is when a post shows up in #explainlikeimfive and it is phrased as a question (that I might have insight on) but then it isn't a question. I think these improvements will help with that.

I'm also wondering if the four tags per post are one too many. I'm sure there are posts that legitimately could be under four tags, but most times the fourth tag is just filler. A lot of times that filler tag ends up being a catch-all tag of #discuss, #explainlikeimfive, or #beginners to get more eyeballs on it, but does not always follow the spirit of that tag. Again, the improvements mentioned will help, but my thought is limiting posts to three tags. Three seems like enough to get it to those followers that are interested but limit the filler and clutter in the more general tags.

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