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Discussion on: Do you have a process for naming things?

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Ryan Smith • Edited
  1. Don't try and name things too eagerly. Naming is, if anything, the beginning of abstraction. As soon as something gets a name, it brings in mental baggage from everyone that reads it. Bad names lead to bad abstractions everywhere else.

1.1. When you're writing software, you probably have no idea what you're doing. You don't understand what you're trying to build, what the right shape, organization, style of code is for the domain you're trying to work with. Bad names are usually evidence of someone misunderstanding what they were building at an earlier time in the development process. But then the name stuck because everyone was using it... so the bad names proliferate.

1.2. So if anything, prefer a screamingly awful name that completely misses the mark than one that is full of baggage and opinion. Thingy is just fine by me.

For these three, I agree that a developer should hold off on naming if they do not understand what they are trying to build. But I feel that developers should do some planning to know what they are building (assuming it is not a side project without any real goal). They should plan out the steps they need to achieve a particular end goal, then refine that into a more detailed technical to-do list for each step. I will often write the skeleton of the code with comments and function definitions before writing any code that actually does anything. It helps me to break down the problem into the smaller pieces to make it more manageable. After doing that, naming the variables is easy.

I agree with all of the other points. 😄