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I think it is a great feature and I have a suggestion to improve it. While I agree that giving the author power over their post is good, it can also lead to unwarranted censorship which can leave the readers and commenters feeling slighted. Because of that, I would suggest hidden comments are less discoverable, but can be expanded to view the content. That would allow the author to have control while also allowing the reader to determine for themselves if the comment was constructive.

I think it could be combined with comments marked as low quality/non-constructive by the community. Those could also be hidden but expandable. These could also be restricted from further replies to them.

Screenshot showing DEV's low-quality content indicator as an expandable comment


This 'feature' would just lead to more curation by authors and dev.to staff on top of already heavy moderation by the dev.to staff per my expi.

It really depends on what you are trying to achieve with dev.to.

Is it a blogging site for devs, or curated content by dev.to staff?

tbh, I find it more of the latter after taking it for a spin last month.

Also, consider this: github repos let devs to comment without getting into NLP logistics of what's in comments.

Perhaps better upvote/downvote UX for comments would be a much better approach to keep it more liberal ...

That includes adding more than just tag, heart & unicorn to blog posts.

I've seen a few I'd mark with 👎 without resorting to any constructive feedback comments some might find offensive.


We're taking this all into account about next steps. Definitely worth making more clear that mods/admins cannot use this feature on posts. Only the author can take the hide comment action.

And we don't want to imply that the comment has been hidden because of code of conduct issues or because the comment is bad per se. The author may want to hide it for any reasons, perhaps just because it's confusing or the question's been answered elsewhere, etc.

  1. I want to use communication software in which all messages are equal. Example: I'd reply later to your message, but you haven't created the command to bookmark it. We could actually design command series that are even more helpful.
  2. You have included the command to upload images. Who wants to discuss principles of data management, so that we decide on what we want from software that we need often and see how little "developers" have given us?

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