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re: So, it's about the use of strictly typed languages like TypeScript. I think that it's Okay to use JavaScript most of the time however there might b...

I think it depends on the codebase and the discipline of the coders. If it is something large with many developers or old and bug-ridden, slowly converting parts to TypeScript may help to identify areas where types are a mismatch and are causing unexpected behavior. If it is a newer/small codebase with a small team and everyone is using a linting tool, then it may be overkill to use TypeScript.

JavaScript codebases can also get some of the benefits without having to rewrite code to use the TypeScript compiler to report on issues. It can be run from the command line or VSCode will report some of those issues automatically.


Yes, exactly that's what I think. Most of the time we have small projects in which we don't need TypeScript per se. I have seen some people emphasizing too much on TS for everything. That behaviour bothers me.

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