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re: Facebook and more big tech companies are going to lean into distributed work. What is going to suck about this? VIEW POST


I could see more companies using cost of living as an excuse to pay remote employees less than they are worth (some companies already do this). While I haven't been in this situation, I doubt the process is transparent or fair to the employee. I also doubt there would be a raise if you moved to a higher cost of living area.

Edit: I just read that Zuckerberg's statement said that employees moving to lower cost of living areas will take a pay cut. 😐 I hope everyone doesn't follow their lead.


How about if you move to a country like... Hong Kong let's say. HK was designated the most expensive place to live in, last year.
Will they increase your salary 2-3 times just so that you can afford a decent apartament or will they encourage you to move to random country where everything it's cheap, like India or something?

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